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The Resource For All Your Welding, Gases and Safety Supplies!
The Resource - (Laser and Specialty Gas Equipment)
The Control and Safe Handling
of Compressed Gases
Designing and Building
Process Control Systems
using a combination of electronic and
pneumatic devices is our specialty.
Talk to us today about your requirements.
Building a new facility or
renovating your current one?
SGD can help you design
the gas handling systems.
SGD provides a comprehensive line of pressure
regulators for virtually any application.
The 9900 Series low gas pressure alarm warns
the user that the cylinder needs to be replaced.
The 914 semi-automatic changeover manifold
available in brass and stainless steel is a
workhorse in many processes and laboratories.
SGD point of use panels are a convenient
organized way to deliver gases to your
instrumentation or processes.
has all the features of the
, plus data logging, internet control
of system functions and alarm notification.
The improved design 8010 and 8000 cartridge
gas purifiers remove a variety of impurities from
gas streams at a reasonable cost.
SGD Inc. Acquires Special Gas Supplies LLC
Special Gas Supplies LLC, is a supplier to compressed
gas cylinder fillers of shrink wrap, tamper-proof seals, status
tags, cylinder status neck ring discs, cylinder netting, lecture
bottles, and lecture bottle valves, and more. Visit our
website or call 201-390-9842.
touch screen electronic
automatic changeover manifold provides high
technology control at a low technology cost.
Available in brass and stainless steel.
This 118 minute, 2 disc video is
a must for any company’s training library.