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The most versatile portable extractor available, with High and Low extraction capability
for MIG, TIG, and soldering work. Designed for field work, maintenance, and production
welding, this unit is lightweight, portable and easy to use.
from Associated Equipment Corp.
Featuring nine
filtering combinations,
including HEPA for
Hexavalent Chromium
control, and 95%
for carbon steel
weld fumes.
Model 73-201
• 113-226 CFM high vacuum fume extraction and
filtration capability
• Two models: 73-201-HEPA for Hexavalent
Chromium control, and 73-201-95 for carbon
steel weld fume control
• 9 available filtering combinations permit maximum
flexibility for varying work applications
• 10-foot durable extraction hose with flexible steel
tube hood assembly
• Magnetic support base allows for hands-
free operation
• Filter change status LED light
• Built-in spark trap for fire safety
• Heavy-Duty, all-steel cabinet for years of rugged use
• Optional WeldSense™ arc sensor facilitates ease
of use, saves energy, and lengthens filter life
• Two-year limited warranty
• Made in USA
• 24”L x 17”H x 12”W, 58 lbs. (with filters installed)