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New-Tech 6-13 XL ADC Plus
The New-Tech 6-13 XL ADC Plus can be used for almost any welding application with
adjustable shade levels from DIN 6 to DIN 13. The helmet features a grinding mode, which
allows the ADF screen to be switched off for grinding, and has sensitivity and delay functions.
The XL lens measures 3.77 x 2.96 in. (96 x 68.5 mm), offering you an increased field of vision.
Inside every
is a
Introducing Weld Warrior
personal protection equipment.
You don’t just finish the job – you conquer it. So defend yourself with Weld Warrior.
Designed with industry-leading technology, Weld Warrior is tested under the most
grueling circumstances. The New-Tech
ADC Plus series of auto-darkening welding
helmets provide the protection and comfort you need to work with confidence.
Angular Dependence Compensation Plus (ADC) – ensures that the selected shade covers the full width
and height of the LCD screen, plus improves color definition and contrast throughout the cartridge
Large area in front of the mouth that ensures proper flow of fresh air and low levels of CO
Unique silver gloss finish helps to reflect heat and increases the helmet’s resistance to high temperatures
Cartridges are powered by solar cells and automatically activated by light
ANSI approved
New-Tech 9-13 ADC Plus
The New-Tech 9-13 ADC Plus is suitable for TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA, and gas welding and cutting.
The helmet offers a cartridge that improves color and light contrast – allowing you to distinguish
colors through the lens in an open and activated state. Settings such as shade level DIN 9-13,
sensitivity, and delays are made from the outside of the helmet.
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