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Part No. Overall Dimensions
Load Capacity Caster Type
4436 52-1/8” x 24-1/4” x 41-5/8” 2,000 lb.
8” TPR
Heavy-Duty Platform Truck
Features tough structural foam
construction with steel support
Won’t rust, dent, or splinter like
some metal and wood trucks
Hold and transport up to 2,500 lb.
Part No.
Deck Size (W x L)
Load Capacity
Caster Type
30” x 60”
2,000 lb.
8” TPR
Work Height Panel Truck
Three removable powder-coated steel vertical frames provide support for
hard-to-handle loads
Vertical frame retainer
clips prevent unintended
Steel reinforced deck for
enhanced durability
35 Qt High-Performance
Mopping System
Lasts 58 times longer than
comparable wringers
Tested to exceed 50,000
wringing cycles; average
wringers* perform approximately
860 cycles
Premium tubular steel and structural
web molded plastic
Part No.
7580-88 WaveBrake
Side Press Combo
20.1” l x 15.7” w x 36.5” h
7577-88 WaveBrake
Down Press Combo
20.1” l x 15.7” w x 36.5” h
2640 BRUTE
Dolly for
2620, 2632, 2643,
2655 Containers
Structural Foam Tilt Trucks
Durability of modern structural
foam technology
Ergonomic “steering wheel” handle
for better handling
Non-marking casters
(1011, 9T13, 9T15 only)
Fits through standard commercial
doorways and onto elevators easily
Optional hinged domed lid available
Available in 1/2, 3/4 and
1 cu yd sizes
Convertible Platform Truck (24” x 52”)
Three product configurations in one: 24” x 52”
Platform or U-boat Truck, 1000 capacity 24” x
44” Heavy Duty Two-Shelf Utility Card, 750 lb. capacity
Push button release latch
easily provides convertibility
Part No.
Deck Size (W x L)
Load Capacity
Caster Type
24” x 52”
1,000 lb.
Round Containers
All-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust,
chip, or peel and resists dents
Gray, white, and yellow are USDA Meat & Poultry Equipment
Group Listed and assist in complying with HACCP guidelines
Part No. Description
2643-60 BRUTE
44-Gallon Utility Container - vented
2645-60 BRUTE
2610 BRUTE
Container without Lid - 10 gallon
2620 BRUTE
Container without Lid - 20 gallon
2632 BRUTE
Container without Lid - 32 gallon
2643 BRUTE
Container without Lid - 44 gallon
2655 BRUTE
Container without Lid - 55 gallon
Structural Foam Tilt Trucks
Part No.
Usage Type
Utility Duty
1/2 cu yd
450 lb.
Standard Duty
1/2 cu yd
850 lb.
Standard Duty
3/4 cu yd
1,000 lb.
Standard Duty
1 cu yd
1,250 lb.
Heavy-Duty Utility Carts
Molded-in storage compartments,
holsters, hooks, and notches
Ergonomically designed push handle
provides optimum hand placement
and perfect height improving control
and worker safety
Molded-in customizable fittings
High density structural
resin construction
Easy-access bottom shelf
Best-in-class casters to meet the
most demanding environments
Part No.
Dimensions (Cart)
Load Capacity Caster Type
4500-88 38-1/2” x 17-1/8” x 38-7/8”
500 lb.
5” TPR
4520-88 44” x 25-1/4” x 38-7/8”
500 lb.
5” TPR