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The most trusted name in
aluminum welding wire.
is the technological leader and the world’s largest
producer of aluminum welding wire.
As the foremost experts
in the production of aluminum welding wire, AlcoTec consistently
brings innovations to the application engineering side of the
business. AlcoTec also offers unparalleled service, and provides
the only single source for all of the aluminum alloys currently
registered for welding applications.
Powered Pak-Trak
This breakthrough device pushes welding wire from a drum package to your existing
wire feeder. The Powered Pak-Trak (patent-pending) reduces downtime due to spool
changeover since one drum contains the same amount of wire as 20 spools. The device
also improves the quality of your welds by modifying the cast of the wire to eliminate
defects such as wire wander.
Effective use of high-capacity drums
Conversion of the typical sine wave shape of drum wire to a circular cast
Long, continuous seam welds without arc wander
Delivery of wire to your feeder from up to 100 ft. (33 m) away
Adjustable cast diameter
Compatibility with all aluminum alloys
High-strength plastic shaping wheel
Air-driven system
50 lbs. Mini Drum Pak
AlcoTec’s commitment to innovation continues with the efficient 50 lbs. Mini Drum Pak.
Simply connect your 1 lb. spool gun, and begin saving money and valuable time by
eliminating spool changeover. The wire’s cast and pitch out of the drum, as compared
to tight spools, improves feeding characteristics.
Save time – 1 lb. spool changeovers are eliminated
Save money – 1 lb. spools normally leave around 3% of the wire remaining in the spool
Two quick connections, and you’re ready to weld – no tools needed
Wire feeds directly into your gun
Feed wire from a distance of 30 ft. (9.14 m) or more
Easy to move and transport
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