Dear Customer and Vendor Partners,

On March 19th, Governor Newsom issued a State of California Executive Order that placed further limitations on movements of the people of California, including attending work.  This order does include a provision for businesses such as California Tool & Welding Supply to continue normal operations, as our products are being used daily by many sectors to keep the critical infrastructure operating.


The noted provision allows people to commute to jobs in industries deemed essential, which includes those employed in the health care, food and beverage, food processing, agricultural, critical infrastructure segments, government, as well as energy and water treatment  industries.


We therefore continue to remain open, take orders, and dispatch products to support critical organizations and sectors while, at all times, taking measures to protect our teams and our community.


The health and safety of our employees is and will remain our number one priority.  However, we also understand our duty to continue providing our communities with the critical products they need to manufacture, produce, and deliver essentials during this national crisis while not further creating opportunities for Covid-19 to spread.  Therefore, we will continue to do our work and show up every day, wherever needed, and stand on the front lines in this battle against COVID-19, and we will do so in the safest manner possible.


This is a very fluid situation, and is rapidly evolving.  We continue to monitor official feeds from State & Federal sources, as well as take feedback from key customers, vendors, and partners.  Should there be any further changes that would alter our ability to operate; we will update you as quickly as possible.


Thank you,

California Tool & Welding Supply Management