California Tool & Welding Supply’s Capabilities Page

At California Tool & Welding Supply, we offer more than just soldering irons and cutting gases. From high-quality equipment, welding supplies and industrial gases to safety products and services, we provide a customized comprehensive solution for every project.

We offer superior industrial products and services at the best prices, and our emergency technical support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Did you know Cal-Tool does all this and more?

  • Assists with water treatment facility development
  • Repairs welding and gas equipment
  • Installs laser gas systems and resonator gas delivery systems
  • Installs food and industrial process piping systems
  • Installs Co2 alarms and enhanced Co2 atmospheric systems
  • Compressed gas solutions from switch overs to compressed trailers
  • Delivers and installs microbulk and bulk gas systems
  • Rents and leases equipment
  • Trains your entire team in the latest safety protocols